Personal Favorite: 10 Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away When Camping

In this article, based on my personal experience, I will explain the natural ways to keep bugs away while camping.
Camping allows us to connect with nature and take a break from our busy lives to enjoy its beauty. However, when setting up camp in remote areas, there is a high chance of encountering a lot of bugs that can disturb us during the day or night.

I personally faced this issue, but eventually figured out how to naturally tackle it without causing harm.

Bugs around camping light at night
Bugs are around the camping light.

1. Harness the Power of Nature: Bug-Repellent Plants

While camping, it’s beneficial to resolve bug issues by utilizing nature. When setting up a tent, try to find a location where bug-repellent plants are abundant.

If carrying plants is not feasible, you can bring their leaves or other parts. Imagine a vibrant campsite adorned with citronella, lavender, lemongrass, and marigolds, creating a fragrant barrier against unwelcome bugs.

Lavender bug-repellent plant is one of Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away
Lavender bug repellent plant.

2. Embrace the Whispers of the Wind: Camp in a Breeze

Camping in an area with good airflow can be really helpful as it not only keeps insects away but also keeps the environment refreshing, providing you with double benefits.

Otherwise, you’ll be constantly bothered by the continuous buzzing of bugs. Personally, I enjoy my time in the camp when a cool breeze is blowing and gently touching my skin

A white dandelion blowing in the wind
A white dandelion blowing in the wind breeze

3. Unlock Nature’s Aromas:One of Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away

As I already suggested carrying leaves or extracts from bug-repellent plants, there is a possibility that these additions may increase your weight.

An alternative worth considering is carrying bug-repellent oils. These oils can be highly beneficial while hiking or on the way to establishing your camping tent. By combining a few drops of citronella, eucalyptus, or lemongrass oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil, you can create a fragrant shield that keeps bugs at bay, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

However, it’s important to choose your oil carefully and ensure you enjoy its scent; otherwise, it may disturb you more than the bugs themselves.

lemongrass oil
Lemongrass oil

4. Fashionable Bug-Repelling Attire

Dressing matters a lot when camping, so always be careful while choosing. It should not only be comfortable and beautiful but also provide a layer of protection against dangerous insects. Lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that not only shields you from the elements but also acts as a stylish barrier against bugs. Imagine yourself adorned in fashionable long-sleeved shirts and pants, exuding comfort and confidence while effectively warding off insects. Choose light-colored as bugs tend to be attracted to darker shades

5. Avoiding Bug-Attracting Fragrances

As you can keep bugs away with the fragrance of some kind of repellent stuff, there is another possibility that your strong body spray may attract them to yourself. So, always be careful while choosing a fragrance for yourself when going out; otherwise, it will have a significant effect. Personally, I prefer to go out with nature without using these fragrances, as they create a harmonious connection with nature while reducing the chances of becoming a bug’s next favorite scent.


6. The Art of Cleanliness

It is not one of the best, only Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away , but also to keep many other issues at bay. So always focus on cleaning your camping site and handling all the plastic items.

This practice is not only beneficial to the environment but also helps keep insects such as flies and mosquitoes away.


7. Ignite the Flame: Fire, Smoke, and Bug-Free Bliss

The age-old tradition of harnessing fire and smoke to naturally repel insects can be incredibly handy in certain cases. The enchanting aroma of burning wood blends with the smoky haze, creating a mystical barrier that keeps bugs away. However, it is important to handle the smoke and fire with care and strategically position them in a suitable location to fully reap their benefits.

8. The Meshed Haven: Bug Screens for Peaceful Slumber

Being wrapped in a protective barrier that allows you to enjoy the sounds of nature while keeping annoying insects out can be really useful. Experience uninterrupted sleep and peace of mind, knowing that bugs won’t be your unwelcome bedfellows. You can choose a camping tent with mesh or carry a separate mesh in natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away, but it is only helpful when you are inside your camping tent

9. Timing is Everything: Seize the Day, Avoid the Bugs

I think we can also avoid these by simply changing our routine and acting smart, especially when it comes to outdoor activities where you have to leave your tent or screened residence. You can achieve this by selecting the best times to go outside. Bugs are less active when it’s sunny and warm, so it’s a good idea to engage in outdoor play or have fun during those times. However, in the early morning and evening, bugs are most active, so it’s better to stay indoors or in places with screens. By following this approach, you can have amazing adventures without constantly having to swat bugs away.

10. A Wise Distance: Steer Clear of Stagnant Waters

One important thing is to stay away from stagnant water, such as ponds or puddles. These areas are habitats for bugs like mosquitoes, which can be quite bothersome. By camping far away from such bodies of water, you create a protective barrier that keeps bugs at bay. This ensures that you can thoroughly enjoy exploring nature without the worry of getting bitten. So, prepare yourself for an incredible adventure while remaining free from bugs!


In conclusion, this article offers valuable insights based on personal experience on how to naturally keep bugs away when camping. It emphasizes the importance of harnessing the power of nature by using plants and repellent oils, choosing well-ventilated campsites, wearing mosquito-repellent clothing, and avoiding odors that attract bugs.

Additionally, it highlights the significance of cleanliness, using fire and smoke as natural repellents, utilizing bug screens for peaceful sleep, timing outdoor activities to avoid peak bug activity, and staying away from stagnant water sources.

By following these natural strategies, campers can enjoy bug-free and memorable outdoor adventures while staying connected with the beauty of nature.

FAQs for Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away

You can naturally keep bugs away when camping by harnessing the power of bug-repellent plants like citronella, lavender, lemongrass, and marigolds. These plants can create a fragrant barrier against icky bugs at your campsite.

Good airflow at your camping location is helpful in keeping insects away, and it also provides a refreshing environment. A cool breeze can prevent bugs and it will enhance your camping experience.

Always choose lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that acts as a barrier against bugs. Long-sleeved shirts and pants in light colors are effective for the natural ways to keep bugs away.

Yes, you can use bug-repellent oils such as citronella and eucalyptus. Lemongrass oils are mixed with carrier oils like coconut oil to create a scented germ shield while camping.

Strong body sprays and fragrances, can attract bugs to you so be careful about it. The most convenient way is to go fragrance-free or choose scents that won’t make you a bug’s favorite target when camping.

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