Best camping knife in Australia for 2024: I Wish I Tried Sooner

A high-quality survival knife is essential when you’re out in nature. A good knife could benefit you in building a shelter, skinning a game, splitting firewood, cutting rope, and opening canned goods. It’s a valuable tool for a variety of survival tasks.

Before you spend your hard-earned money, you should know what you’re looking for in the best camping knife in Australia. Below, I discuss the general guidelines for purchasing the best camping knife and share my list of the best camping knives on the market.

camping knife with cover.Image for Best camping knife in Australia for 2023
camping knife with cover

Why Choose the Best Camping Knife in Australia for 2024?

Everything we use daily includes a cutting tool. When camping in the bush, the most basic tools, such as a knife, saw, or axe, become must-have. Everything you need can be made with just a knife and some skill.

Choosing the right knife can be overwhelming, as there are thousands available. The main question is: why do you need the knife? Knives can be used for a variety of tasks, including wood carving, rope cutting, skinning, chopping, surgery, kitchen tasks, and more.

For camping, a versatile, full-power knife is suitable. Apart from specifically kitchen tasks, the best camping knife in Australia can handle most of your tasks.

Our Top Camping Knife in Australia for 2024

RoverTac Camping Survival Knife

MaterialStainless Steel
LxWxH4.21 x 1.77 x 0.98 inches
Included ComponentsPlier, Knife, Wire Cutter, Screwdriver, Screwdriver Bit, Saw, Bottle Opener, Scissor, and Sheath

The RoverTac Camping Survival Knife is a reliable Companion for Adventurous Campers. The first thing you notice about the knife is its striking black stainless steel tanto blade. It has a sleek and stylish appearance and exceptional durability. The blade is sharp and resilient, and it can effortlessly handle various tasks, such as cutting branches and preparing food.

The cord-wrapped handle gives you an unrivaled grip,p even in challenging conditions. Its textured surface lets you maintain control over it, even when your hands may be slippery. The cord wrap feature is incredibly handy for various purposes, from securing gear to creating emergency repairs.

This knife comes with a nylon sheath. It offers a convenient method of carrying the knife and can be accessed easily. Due to the sheath’s design, you can attach it to your backpack, making the knife readily available for any situation. The inclusion of a magnesium alloy Firestarter makes starting a fire a breeze, even in challenging weather conditions. The Fire Starter is reliable and efficient, saving you valuable time when setting up your campfire. 

It is compact enough to fit comfortably in your gear without sacrificing its cutting power. The blade’s 4 mm thickness additionally contributed to its robustness, allowing it to tackle tough tasks without any signs of wear. The fact that the knife comes in a pack of two is a fantastic bonus. It ensures that you have a backup blade readily available and allows you to share the adventure with a fellow camper, further enhancing the value of this product.

Overall, The full-tang fixed-blade outdoor knife can be an essential tool for your next camping expedition. Its black stainless steel tanto blade, cord-wrapped handle, nylon sheath, and included Fire Starter all form a reliable and versatile companion. You can tackle rugged tasks, ensure a secure grip, and start a fire effortlessly with the help of this knife. With its durability, functionality, and thoughtful design, this knife is highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a dependable tool for their adventures


  • Multipurpose Cord Wrap
  • Convenient Sheath
  • Efficient Fire Starter
  • Durable Blade
  • Secure Grip


  • Blade Maintenance

Top Picked Camping Knife in Australia for 2024

These are the shortlisted best camping knives in Australia for 2024 from the team Camperkangroo using these in real-world scenarios.

Model Handle MaterialBlade LengthBlade ShapePrice
ZhengSheng Folding KnifeStainless Steel4.8 Inches‎Drop PointCheck
NedFoss CHAIN Pocket KnifeStainless Steel3.5 InchesDrop PointCheck

The camping knife is on the ground along with leaves.
The camping knife is on the ground along with leaves.

1. ZhengSheng Folding Knife

Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Color#1 Natural Olive Handle
Handle MaterialStainless steel, Wood
Blade EdgeStainless, Stainless Steel, Steel, Wood

Check out this incredible folding chef knife, which opens to ten and a quarter inches. It has a 4.8-inch razor and a 5.4-inch locked length. This knife is ideal for carrying in a pouch; it even includes its pouch. The knife is less than $20 on Amazon and comes in two different colors. It’s an excellent addition to any camping gear, home kitchen, or even cookout.

Despite frequent use, the blade remains sharp without needing to be sharpened with a stone or rod. It cuts through objects like a laser, effortlessly slicing bananas and other foods. Use caution when handling this knife, because it is extremely sharp.

The G10 handles, which come in natural, mint green, and other colors, feel wonderful in your hands. The blade’s curved shape makes it adaptable and suitable for a variety of cutting tasks. This knife is strong and lightweight at just 3.25 ounces (108 grams). It’s made of 440A steel, which ensures durability. Even after a month and a half of regular use, the blade had no nicks or chips.

The knife has safety screws that allow you to adjust all of its parts. This Zhang Shang folding chef knife is a dependable, sharp, and versatile knife, ranking among the best camping knives in Australia. Get yours on Amazon and improve your camping experience.


  • Portability
  • Comfortable grip
  • Anti-skid properties
  • Culinary performance


  • Handle material maintenance.

2. NedFoss CHAIN Pocket Knife

When exploring the best camping knife in Australia, budget knives like the NED Foss chain knife offer an intriguing option. The NedFoss Chain folding pocket knife is a versatile tool and a reliable companion in every situation, making it a must-have knife for any camping gear collection.

The knife is constructed using high-quality materials. With outstanding cutting performance, its razor-sharp stainless steel blade creates a wide variety of applications. The retro-style design adds a touch of uniqueness to the knife. The comfy structure of the steel handle can fit comfortably in your hand and will protect your fingers. The handle’s grooves provide a strong grip for intense outdoor activities.

Chains are wrapped around the handle of the knife, which adds a cool factor that sets it apart from other pocket knives. The safety liner lock mechanism of the knife is easy to use and allows quick and secure access to the blade. Even with one hand occupied, you can effortlessly open and fold the knife due to the smooth flipper opening feature.

Chain pocket knives possess a pocket clip, due to which they are portable. You can attach it to your belt or pocket for quick access as you need. Thus, this is a great EDC carry knife for general purposes and chores at home. What is more, this knife could also be the ideal present for a relative or friend.


  • High-Quality Materials
  • Versatility
  • Safety Liner Lock
  • Portable and Convenient
  •  One-handed opening


  • Limited Color options are available.

3. KastKing Folding Fillet Knife

The knife features a satin finish stainless steel 3-inch folding, locking blade for security and is easy to carry. Like the Speed Demon Pros, it had a comfortable rubber grip that was easier for hands to hold onto and grip tightly.

The knife as a thin flexible blade for filleting fish. This one is made of German stainless steel G4116 and is wicked sharp. It is also coated with a non-stick coating that will not rust. This makes it a filleting fish knife, and the blade stays sharp for a long time. Its titanium-bonded finish makes it extremely durable and corrosion-resistant, so it should be fine even if the road ahead gets rough.

The folding knife comes with a sheath making it convenient to attach to your belt or bag. It’s really useful when you’re, by the lake and want to clean fish for the meal. The slip TPE rubber grip provides a comfortable and secure grip, especially when your hands are wet. The knife also includes a sheath for storage, making it easy to transport in a tackle box or backpack.

The knife can be folded down to 7 ½ inches, for storage even though it has a total length of 13 ½ inches. Despite its size, it performs like a fixed-blade knife making it versatile for various tasks. If you’re searching for best camping knife in Australia this foldable fillet knife, from Cast King comes highly recommended.


  • Sharp and flexible blade
  • Convenient folding design
  • Non-slip grip
  • Durable handle frame
  •  Easy to store


  • Not suitable for very heavy-duty tasks
  • Limited to medium-sized fish

4. QIXENIO Camping Knife

The knife features a 13.6-inch blade crafted from DC53 steel renowned for its remarkable ability to maintain a sharp edge and resist corrosion The DC53 blade can be guaranteed to perform well whether you’re cutting wood or using it as protection.

This multipurpose knife works well in both tactical and field environments—swiftly clearing paths for hiking and setting up a campsite. It functions as a survival knife on-site due to its sturdy construction and sharpness, which allows it to cut through thick ropes and prepare food in an emergency (helper). This knife is a trustworthy companion in both the mountains and the wild.

The ergonomic ebony handle of the knife ensures comfort and control. The smooth, fitted grip feels natural in your hands. When the knife is not in use, the durable leather sheath keeps you and the knife safe. Its outstanding balance and comfort make it ideal for both bushcraft and hunting.

Comes with a magnesium-based firestarter… a must-have for outdoor use! Its razor-sharp blade cuts and hits ignition with ease, making it ideal for use as a camping knife, bushcraft knife, backpacking knife, or survival knife.

This knife is the perfect example of the book-artisan approach, with its flawless arc and elegant ebony handle. This is more than just a tool; it could be a testament to knifemaking craftsmanship and a prized gadget for any outdoor lover.


  • DC53 stainless steel
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Versatile
  •  Ergonomic ebony handle


  • Requires regular maintenance

5.KERZEMAN camping knife

The Kerzeman offers the best camping knife in Australia. It is sent with a black stonewashed 14C28N steel blade with a pocket clip, high hardness, and good corrosion resistance. That makes it durable and suitable for outdoor applications. Its blade is also simple to sharpen, which improves its operational life.

This makes it comfortable for one-hand opening, because of its assisted opening function. There is a pocket clip for attaching it to your belt or pocket for quick access. This knife can be a fashionable option for daily carrying because of its exquisite design.

Black G10, the material used to make the handle, provides a lightweight and comfortable grip. This Ray Padula handle is super durable for any environment since it is completely water- and temperature-proof. The pivoting design of the knife is made using ceramic ball bearings; this structure allows for fast and smooth action. Typical uses for this premium knife include opening envelopes and boxes as well as being suitable for a variety of outdoor pursuits, such as camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, and outdoor survival.


  • Durable Blade
  • Easy Sharpening
  • Assisted Opening
  • Pocket Clip
  •  Ceramic Ball Bearing Pivot


  • May find it slightly heavier
  • Requires regular maintenance


To sum up, when searching for the Best camping knife in Australia, you should consider the Morakniv Companion, Buck Knives 284 Bantam, and Benchmade Mini Barrage 585.

Hopefully, you will be able to find your favorite knife from these best camping knives in Australia for 2024. Here are the most amazing breakfast ideas for campers.

One of the best camping knife in Australia for 2024.
One of the best camping knives in Australia for 2024.

Each of these knives has its distinct advantages, such as strength, corrosion resistance, ergonomic design, and versatility, which make them ideal for various outdoor activities.

While the final decision depends on your personal preferences and requirements, any of these knives would be a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. They are sure to be a valuable and reliable addition to your camping accessories.

And regardless of which knife you choose, it’s essential to always prioritize safety when using and carrying a knife. Proper handling and maintenance can help prevent accidents and extend the life of your knife.

Remember to always use a knife in a controlled manner, keep it sharp, and store it safely when not in use. With these considerations in mind, any of the knives mentioned in this article can be a reliable and practical tool for outdoor adventures.

And finally, investing in a high-quality knife can not only enhance your outdoor experience but also provide peace of mind knowing that you have a dependable tool at your disposal.

“Whether you’re an avid camper, hiker, hunter, or simply someone who enjoys spending time in nature, a reliable knife can prove to be a valuable asset.

With their durable materials, comfortable grips, and versatile functions, the Morakniv Companion, Buck Knives 284 Bantam, and Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 are all excellent options for anyone in need of a dependable outdoor knife.

Finally, if you are camping in Australia, please follow these guidelines as they will ensure your safety as well as environmental protection

The camping knife is along with the camping axe.
The camping knife is along with the camping axe.


Yes, a camping knife with a strong handle and a reliable blade can be used for survival. It will be a vital part of your survival. it will keep you away from danger

5 to 6 inches is the ideal blade size for the best camping knife. It will meet most of your needs and is easy to handle and carry.

Stainless steel is the most recommended material for the Best camping knife in Australia, as it’s durable and keeps the edge sharp for a long time.

The Morakniv Companion Knife is a great choice for beginners due to its affordable price, durable carbon steel blade, and comfortable grip.

There are several suitable blade materials for camping knives, including 154CM steel, D2 steel, and high-quality carbon steel. The best material for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Laws regarding the carrying of knives vary by country and state. Researching the laws in your area before carrying a camping knife is essential.

Proper maintenance of your camping knife includes cleaning and drying the blade after use, sharpening the blade when necessary, and storing the knife in a dry and safe place.

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