Best camping knife in Australia for 2023 I Wish I Tried Sooner

Camper Kangaroo will guide you about the Best camping knife in Australia for 2023. If you are planning to go outside on a camping tour, then you are in the right spot, as we will recommend the best camping knife.

It is not only the most vital tool but also the most essential one for you, along with your other camping kitchen items, such as the camping stove and water pump.

camping knife with cover.Image for Best camping knife in Australia for 2023
camping knife with cover

Why the Best camping knife in Australia for 2023?

Now, you may wonder why the best camping knife in Australia for 2023 is so highly regarded. The answer to this question is simple: it is a versatile tool that can assist you in performing various tasks.

Not only is it a crucial tool for survival, but it also eliminates the need for carrying separate cutting tools during your tours. From cutting ropes to chopping vegetables, the best camping knife serves multiple purposes and proves to be indispensable.

It can also be of great assistance to you when hunting. So, we always recommend you carry a full-power and best camping knife in Australia that can help you in all circumstances except, perhaps, in your camping kitchen.

Our Top camping knife in Australia for 2023

RoverTac Camping Survival Knife

MaterialStainless Steel
LxWxH4.21 x 1.77 x 0.98 inches
Included ComponentsPlier, Knife, Wire Cutter, Screwdriver, Screwdriver Bit, Saw, Bottle Opener, Scissor, Sheath

The RoverTac Camping Survival Knife is a reliable Companion for Adventurous Campers.

The first thing you notice about the knife is its striking black stainless steel tanto blade. It does have a sleek and stylish appearance and also boasts exceptional durability. 

The blade is sharp and resilient, which can effortlessly handle various tasks such as cutting branches and preparing food.

Its cord-wrapped handle can be a game-changer as it provides you with an unrivaled grip even in challenging conditions. Its textured surface lets you maintain control over it, even when your hands may be slippery.

 Besides, the cord wrap is more than just a comfort feature. It is incredibly handy for various purposes, from securing gear to creating emergency repairs.

This knife comes with a nylon sheath. It offers a convenient method of carrying the knife and also ensures easy access whenever needed. The sheath’s design allows you to attach it to your backpack and makes the knife readily available for any situation.

The inclusion of a magnesium alloy Fire Starter is a pleasant feature to know. This ad made starting a fire a breeze, even in challenging weather conditions. The Fire Starter proved to be reliable and efficient, saving you valuable time when setting up your campfire.

The knife boasts an ideal balance between portability and functionality. It is compact enough to fit comfortably in your gear without sacrificing its cutting power, with an overall length of 7 inches and a 3-inch blade length. The blade’s 4 mm thickness further added to its robustness, allowing it to tackle tough tasks without any signs of wear or weakness.

The fact that the knife comes in a pack of two is a fantastic bonus. It ensures that you have a backup blade readily available or allows me to share the adventure with a fellow camper, further enhancing the value of this product.

Overall, The full-tang fixed-blade outdoor knife can be an essential tool for your next camping expeditions. Its black stainless steel tanto blade, cord-wrapped handle, nylon sheath, and included Fire Starter all are combined to form a reliable and versatile companion. You can tackle rugged tasks, ensure a secure grip and start a fire effortlessly with the help of this knife. With its durability, functionality, and thoughtful design, this knife is highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a dependable tool for their adventures.


  • Multipurpose Cord Wrap
  • Convenient Sheath
  • Efficient Fire Starter
  • Durable Blade
  • Secure Grip


  • Blade Maintenance

Top Picked camping knife in Australia for 2023

These are the shortlisted best camping knife in Australia for 2023 from the team Camperkangroo using these in real-world scenarios.

Model Handle MaterialBlade LengthBlade ShapePrice
ZhengSheng Folding KnifeStainless Steel4.8 Inches‎Drop PointCheck
CHELONIAN Camping Pocket KnifeAluminum3.5 Inches‎Straight BackCheck
EDCfans Folding KnifeGlass Reinforced Nylon3.35 inches‎Spear PointCheck
Eafengrow EF906 Folding Pocket KnifeTitanium Alloy5.1 InchesClip PointCheck
Snake Eye Tactical Camping KnifeStainless Steel3.5 Inches‎Drop PointCheck
NedFoss CHAIN Pocket KnifeStainless Steel3.5 InchesDrop PointCheck
Big Cat Roar Outdoor KnifeWalnut Wood4.8 InchesClip PointCheck
Morakniv Companion KnifeHigh-friction Rubber4.1 InchesDrop PointCheck
Buck Knives 284 Bantam KnifeGlass Reinforced Nylon2.75 InchesDrop PointCheck
Schrade Delta Class KnifeErgonomic6.6 InchesDrop PointCheck

The camping knife is on the ground along with leaves.
The camping knife is on the ground along with leaves.

1. ZhengSheng Folding Knife

Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Color#1 Natural Olive Handle
Handle MaterialStainless, Stainless Steel,Steel, Wood
Blade EdgeStainless, Stainless Steel, Steel, Wood

ZhengSheng Folding Knife is one of the Versatile and Reliable Companions for any outdoor adventure.
It strikes a perfect balance between portability and utility, With a blade length of 4.8 inches and a full length of 10.25 inches.

After folding, it measures a compact 5.4 inches in length, which makes it easy to carry around. Besides, it can even serve as a handy small kitchen knife for home cooking.

The handle of the knife is made of natural olive wood and has been meticulously crafted by a professional artisan with a smooth texture and an excellent feel in the hand. The handle offers an anti-skid property for a secure grip, and it also enhances the knife’s durability and toughness.

This combination guarantees that you can maintain a firm hold and provide a comfortable and reliable user experience.

It is ideal for a wide range of activities as it serves as a compact and comfortable small chef’s knife. Due to its foldable design, you can carry it in your pocket, and is always ready to use whenever you need it.

The blade of the Foldable Knife is composed of stainless steel to achieve exceptional sharpness. The surface has been treated with a wire-drawing treatment, which makes it easy to clean and adds aesthetic appeal to its appearance. 

This high-quality stainless steel blade is highly durable and holds its sharpness. Because of its precision and efficiency, this knife allows you to cut like a master chef, bringing a new level of enjoyment to your culinary endeavor.

Fundamentally, the Foldable Knife is a versatile and reliable companion that can exceed your expectations in both performance and design. Its convenient size, durable construction, and ultra-sharp blade make it a suitable choice for a wide range of activities


  • Portability
  • Comfortable grip
  • Anti-skid properties
  • Culinary performance


  • Handle material maintenance.

2. CHELONIAN Camping Pocket Knife

The CHELONIAN Camping Pocket Knife is a 7-in-1 multi-function and versatile knife that offers a wide range of features that make it a must-have for camping and survival situations.

It is perfect for tackling a variety of cutting tasks as it has a flat blade and a serrated blade. Additionally, it includes a bottle opener. The mini LED light, which is powered by four included batteries, can be a convenient source of illumination for you in low-light situations.

And the magnesium fire starter, allows you to easily initiate a fire when needed. The rope cutter and glass breaker functionalities also enhance the knife’s versatility and usefulness in emergencies.

The construction of this multi-function knife is highly durable. Its blade is crafted from high-quality stainless steel with titanium plating technology.

The aluminum handle contributes to the knife’s durability, keeps it lightweight, and makes it comfortable to carry and use for extended periods.

In terms of size, the knife owns perfect symmetry. When the knife is fully opened, it measures 8.5 inches in length, including a blade length of 3.5 inches and a handle of 5 inches.


  • Multifunction Knife
  • High-quality materials:
  • Compact size
  • Highly Durable


  • Limited glass-breaking capabilities

3. EDCfans Folding Knife

The EDCfans Folding Knife is a versatile knife that can be perfect for your next camping trip. The brand EDCfans is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality items, and this knife is one of their exceptional products.

The special design of the knife makes it unique. This knife is equipped with a convenient pocket clip, so you can securely carry it wherever you want to go. Its locking mechanism makes sure that the blade stays open during use without any accidental closures.

The sleek design and style of the EDCfans Folding Knife are trendy. Its handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon material, which provides durability as well as a comfortable grip. 

Moreover, the blade is made of stainless steel to improve its durability and provide resistance to corrosion.

Another feature that makes this knife distinctive is its ability to break windows in emergencies. For sure, it can be a lifesaver in critical moments when a quick escape is necessary.

The EDCFans Folding Knife requires simple care for maintenance. Handwashing can be done to keep it in optimal condition if it is required. For cleaning, you can also use camping wash basins.

Additionally, The Brand EDC Fans provide a lifetime guarantee in case there is any defect in the material or workmanship of this folding knife. This shows the brand’s trust in the quality of its product and builds customer confidence


  • Convenient Pocket Clip
  • Reliable Locking Mechanism
  • Sleek and Modern Design
  • Stainless Steel Blade


  • The pocket clip is not adjustable.

4. Eafengrow EF906 Folding Pocket Knife

The Eafengrow Folding Knife is an excellent companion for your adventures. The significant feature of this knife is its folding design, which makes it highly portable and easy to carry around during outdoor activities. Its folding mechanism is smooth and reliable and ensures quick access whenever you need it.

The Eafengrow Folding Knife boasts a total length of 9 inches and a blade length of 3.89 inches. The blade is made of high-quality steel, which provides exceptional sharpness and precision in cutting performance. The steel has a hardness rating to ensure it remains durable and maintains an edge even after extended use. The attention to detail in upgrading the steel enhances the overall performance of the knife.

The handle of this knife is crafted from titanium alloy, which offers an excellent balance between hardness and corrosion resistance. Its ergonomic design provides a solid grip during use. The gray color of the handle adds a touch of sophistication to the knife’s appearance, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Also, the Eafengrow Folding Knife features a flipper-bearing pivot and a reliable frame lock system. These features ensure a smooth opening and secure closing.

For anyone who frequently engages in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing, the Eafengrow Folding Knife is fully qualified. It is a reliable tool in various outdoor situations, even in emergency scenarios.

This is a strong candidate for the best camping knife in Australia for 2023.


  • Quick Access
  • Sharp blade
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Reliable Operation


  • Proper maintenance is required

5. Snake Eye Tactical Camping Knife

Snake Eye Tactical Camping Knife features a foldable design that makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

One of the standout features of this knife is its attractive design. The heart-shaped 3D-printed handle is not only visually appealing but also provides a comfortable grip during use.

The knife measures approximately 8 inches in length when opened, which is a suitable size for various tasks. The 3.5-inch stainless steel blade is sharp and durable to ensure efficient cutting performance. 

Even if you need to prepare food, cut ropes, or handle other everyday tasks, this knife has got you covered.

There is also a pocket clip included in it, which allows for easy and secure attachment to pockets. It also ensures that the knife is always within reach when you need it, adding extra convenience.

Its ambidextrous hand orientation makes it suitable for both left-handed and right-handed individuals. Due to this thoughtful design, anyone can effectively use the knife without any limitations.


  • Foldable design
  • Attractive design.
  • Secure grip
  • Easy ways to carry
  • Pocket clip


  • Maybe not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

6. NedFoss CHAIN Pocket Knife

The NedFoss Chain folding pocket knife is a versatile tool and a reliable companion in every situation, making it a must-have knife for any camping gear collection.

High-quality materials are used in the construction of the knife. Its razor-sharp and durable stainless steel blade boasts exceptional cutting performance, which makes it perfect for various tasks. The retro-style design adds a touch of uniqueness to the knife.

The comfy structure of the steel handle can fit comfortably in your hand and will provide protection for your fingers. The handle’s grooves provide a strong grip for intense outdoor activities. Chains are wrapped around the handle of the knife, which adds a cool factor that sets it apart from other pocket knives.

The safety liner lock mechanism of the knife is easy to use and allows quick and secure access to the blade. Even with one hand occupied, you can effortlessly open and fold the knife due to the smooth flipper opening feature. 

Chain pocket knives possess a pocket clip, due to which they are portable. You can easily attach it to your belt or pocket, granting quick access whenever needed. This makes it an ideal everyday carry knife as well as for everyday tasks and chores around the house.

Moreover, this knife can be a fantastic gift idea for a friend, family member, or special someone. Its versatility and cool design appeal to both men and


  • High-Quality Materials
  • Versatility
  • Safety Liner Lock
  • Portable and Convenient
  •  One-handed opening


  • Limited Color options are available.

7. The Big Cat Roar Outdoor Knife

The BIGCAT ROAR Outdoor Knife is a multipurpose tool. This knife can handle camping, hiking, and even fishing with ease. The Big Cat Roar Outdoor Knife is a lightweight and rust-resistant knife, that is the perfect companion for camping. Its sharpness and precision make it a valuable tool in various scenarios.

The blade of this knife is handcrafted with D2 steel, which guarantees excellent durability and strength. Its solid construction and robustness have an impressive impact. This knife strikes the perfect balance with an overall length of 10″ and a blade length of 4.8″ between functionality and portability. It weighs 8 ounces, which makes it easy to carry around.

The designers of this knife paid particular attention to the details of the walnut wood handle. The handle grip lets you undertake tasks with confidence. The handle’s aesthetics also add a touch of elegance to the knife.

Bigcat Roar Predator Hunter Knife
Bigcat Roar Predator Hunter Knife

The knife comes with a genuine handmade leather sheath, an EDC belt loop, and a snap fastener. All this ensures safety and secure storage while providing easy access whenever you need it. The sheath’s quality is impressive, and it adds a modern touch to the presentation of the knife.

All above of that Big Cat is a brand that stands behind its products. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues with your order, their customer support is always available to assist you. They are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and will promptly address any concerns.


  • D2 blade.
  • Leather sheath
  • Walnut wood handle with a firm grip
  • Cutting edge
  • Razor sharp.
  • Craftsmanship is perfect.


  • Require regular high maintenance.

8. Morakniv Companion Knife

The Morakniv Companion Knife is one Best camping knives in Australia that you can carry with you on any outdoor activity.

Its Fixed blade design makes it distinctive. The carbon steel blade is capable of handling tough tasks with ease. This knife delivers exceptional performance every time, whether you’re carving wood or preparing food.

The handle of the Morakniv Knife is made of wood and provides a comfortable grip. The patterned handle and high-friction grip assure the knife will stay secure in hand, even in slippery conditions.

Morakniv Companion Knife

Durability is one of the key factors in which the Morakniv knife doesn’t disappoint. The high-quality carbon steel blade is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The knife also comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, which provides the client with peace of mind that they have made a wise investment.

And if we talk about the specifications of the knife, the blade measures 4.1 inches (104 mm) in length and 0.08 inches (2.0 mm) in thickness. The full length of the knife is 8.6 inches (218 mm), and it weighs just 3.9 ounces (110 g) with the sheath. All these dimensions make it compact and lightweight to carry on any outdoor excursion.


  • High-quality carbon steel: durable
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Special grind for cutting performance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for DIY, food prep in remote
  • Versatile for outdoor activities


  • Not suitable for tasks such as wood cutting

9. Buck Knives 284 The Bantam Knife

Buck Knives 284 The Bantam knife is perfect and can be used for many different things, such as cutting, slicing, piercing, and carving. Additionally, it is also capable of opening packages, boxes, and other containers. In emergencies, this knife can even be used as a self-defense tool.

The knife is foldable and lightweight. With a drop-point steel blade, it offers excellent strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The compact closed length of the knife is 3-3/4″ and it weighs only 1.5 oz, making it highly portable and easy to carry.

The convenient one-handed opening mechanism is simplified by the thumb stud on the blade. It allows for smooth and quick blade opening for you, while the reliable lock-back mechanism ensures the blade stays securely open during use while providing both strength and safety.

The handle of the knife is made of glass-reinforced nylon, which offers a secure grip in any condition. The finger swells in the grip, enhances comfort, and makes it easy to hold.

Buck Knives 284 Bantam Knife
Buck Knives 284 Bantam Knif

You can prefer to carry it on a key ring, in your pocket, or backpack. The 284 Bantam knife easily adapts to your preferred carrying configuration. This knife is truly versatile, lightweight, and compact which makes it suitable for everyday use.

One element that makes a difference about Buck Knives is their commitment to quality. With a rich history dating back to 1902, they offer a lifetime warranty on their products, including this knife. This security conveys their confidence in the integrity of their craftsmanship.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Durable 420HC stainless steel blade
  • Textured grip for comfort control
  • One-hand opening system
  •  Reversible pocket clip.


  • The pocket clip is not adjustable.
  • The pocket clip is not adjustable.

10. Schrade Delta Class Knife

The Schrade Delta knife is specifically designed for outdoor tours. It comes with an injection molded sheath which provides easy access to the knife and makes sure it is stored securely. 

The total length of the knife is 10.75 inches long, with a 6-inch steel blade that provides sharpness and rust resistance. Its blade’s drop-point shape allows for precise and controlled cutting.

Its handle provides a secure grip, even under challenging conditions. This multicolored handle adds a modern touch to its design and gives the knife a stylish look. The handle also features a small pry tool with a screwdriver and bottle opener, providing convenience in times of need.

Schrade Delta Class Knife
Schrade Delta Class Knife

The Schrade Knife is an ideal tool for camping, bushcraft, and any other outdoor activity. It weighs 12 ounces, which makes it easy to carry.  

To top it all off, the Schrade Delta knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty gives you peace of mind so that you can reach out to Schrade Customer Service if you have any concerns about the product.


  • Full-tang construction: ultimate durability
  • Corrosion-resistant AUS-10 steel blade
  • Includes ferrocerium rod for the fire
  • Razor-sharp blade for precision
  • Versatile design for outdoor tasks
  • Compact: storage and portability.


  • Not intended for use in wet conditions


To sum up, when searching for the Best camping knife in Australia, you should consider the Morakniv Companion, Buck Knives 284 Bantam, and Benchmade Mini Barrage 585.

Hopefully, you will be able to find your favorite knife from these best camping knives in Australia for 2023.Here are the most amazing breakfast ideas for campers.

One of the best camping knife in Australia for 2023.
One of the best camping knives in Australia for 2023.

Each of these knives has its distinct advantages, such as strength, corrosion resistance, ergonomic design, and versatility, which make them ideal for various outdoor activities.

While the final decision depends on your personal preferences and requirements, any of these knives would be a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. They are sure to be a valuable and reliable addition to your camping accessories.

And regardless of which knife you choose, it’s essential to always prioritize safety when using and carrying a knife. Proper handling and maintenance can help prevent accidents and extend the life of your knife.

Remember to always use a knife in a controlled manner, keep it sharp, and store it safely when not in use. With these considerations in mind, any of the knives mentioned in this article can be a reliable and practical tool for outdoor adventures.

And finally, investing in a high-quality knife can not only enhance your outdoor experience but also provide peace of mind knowing that you have a dependable tool at your disposal.

“Whether you’re an avid camper, hiker, hunter, or simply someone who enjoys spending time in nature, a reliable knife can prove to be a valuable asset.

With their durable materials, comfortable grips, and versatile functions, the Morakniv Companion, Buck Knives 284 Bantam, and Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 are all excellent options for anyone in need of a dependable outdoor knife.

Finally, if you are camping in Australia, please follow these guidelines as they will ensure your safety as well as environmental protection

The camping knife is along with the camping axe.
The camping knife is along with the camping axe.


Yes, a camping knife with a strong handle and a reliable blade can be used for survival. It will be a vital part of your survival. it will keep you away from danger

5 to 6 inches is the ideal blade size for the best camping knife. It will meet most of your needs and is easy to handle and carry.

Stainless steel is the most recommended material for the Best camping knife in Australia, as it’s durable and keeps the edge sharp for a long time.

The Morakniv Companion Knife is a great choice for beginners due to its affordable price, durable carbon steel blade, and comfortable grip.

There are several suitable blade materials for camping knives, including 154CM steel, D2 steel, and high-quality carbon steel. The best material for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Laws regarding the carrying of knives vary by country and state. Researching the laws in your area before carrying a camping knife is essential.

Proper maintenance of your camping knife includes cleaning and drying the blade after use, sharpening the blade when necessary, and storing the knife in a dry and safe place.

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